Ticking Fabric

Ticking is a highly recognizable French fabric distinguished by it's stripes and it's often heavy texture.


A Brief History of Ticking

Ticking is a wonderfully sturdy fabric that was produced for making bedding, particularly mattresses.  This fabric originated in Nîmes, France which was also the birth place of the more widely known fabric, denim, the name of which stems from "De Nîmes" (which just means of Nîmes). The word "ticking" is derived from the Latin word tica, which means casing! These textiles were usually used to cover mattress and daybed covers which were, in most cases, filled with feathers. Ticking fabric has been used for centuries because of it's strength and durability, which make it a very practical fabric.  It is convenient that this fabric also happens to be stunning!

Qualities of These Textiles

Typically, true French ticking will be made from heavy cotton or a blend of cotton and linen.  The tones vary the most when it comes to the differences between each of these fabrics.  The most commonly used tones for ticking are blue, pink, red and white but there are many, MANY variations to browse on my online stores!  Often antique ticking pieces were once mattress covers, so there will be residue of the down on the underside.  I have small and large panels of this fabric, most often found in used condition. Even used condition, the quality of these textiles is so high that they will even outlast modern fabric!


Since this fabric was built to last it can be used for many projects!  Ticking makes beautiful upholstery, pillows, sewing projects and more! These ticking fabrics are also wonderful when combined with antique toiles, small and large scale antique florals and other ticking stripes!