Printed French Fabric and Textiles

From gorgeous large scale florals, to detailed Indiennes and yards of delicate blooms and stripes, French printed fabrics are probably the most diverse and absorbing part of our vast textile collection!

A Brief History of French Printed Textiles

Early fabrics like those in my collection were either roller, hand block, plate printed or sometimes printed using a combination of these techniques.  Hand block printing is one of the earliest printing traditions using hand carved blocks of wood to stamp a repeating pattern on long bolts of raw fabric.  Copperplate printing was a more expensive method for getting finer details into a pattern. Roller printing emerged as a more economical printing method in the late 18th century, having been patented in Scotland in 1785.  I have such a large variety of these textiles!  It may help to narrow your search by using these links to browse more specific fabric styles from this vast category; Faded Floral, Indienne, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, Art DecoOn my eBay store you can also use the "search by color" categories to browse our textiles.

Qualities of These Textiles

The variation in this category is enormous!  My printed fabrics come in all ages, shapes, sizes, materials, weights, tones and textures.  There is something for everyone, and you never know what kinds of treasures you will find when browsing these textiles on my online stores!  Our printed fabrics range from small to large fragments, bolts, panels, quilts, curtains and valances.  Sometimes they are well used with patinas that tell the tale of the passage of time and other times they have been shut away for generations, untouched and unused!  They are often beautifully aged, ready to be put to use and begin life anew in your home!


There are nearly infinite uses for these gorgeous fabrics!  In the descriptions of each of my items I have listed online, I often include ideas for projects that would be particularly suited to each piece. When trying to understand if a fabric is suitable for your specific project please contact me, I am here to help!