Haberdashery & Miscellaneous

From trims to buttons to prints, sometimes I leave brocantes with more than just fabric!  Occasionally there are a few wonderful accent pieces or bits and bobs like these that I simply cannot leave behind!

A Brief History of Haberdashery

"Haberdasher" is simply an old name for a salesman of fabric, notions and sewing supplies; items that can be called Haberdashery.  As long as there have been threads to sew with and yarns to weave, people have been making wonderful textiles like those in my collection!  I carry many of these basic building blocks that make up our textiles and they often are treasures all on their own in unused, as found condition. 

Qualities of These Textiles

I have a beautiful collection of trims, yarn, thread, buttons and miscellaneous items available on my Etsy shop!  Often I find these items with their original packaging which has beautiful antique lettering, imagery and tones.  I also have some stunning original prints and sewing patterns from early fashion catalogues! 


These little treasures relating to the textile world are often ready for display just as the are!  These buttons, trims and yarns can still be used in a variety of sewing, weaving or creative projects.  My haberdashery collection is made up of very high quality pieces in remarkable, beautifully aged condition!