Antique French Patched and Pieced Indigo Plaid Cotton Fabric

Antique French Patched and Pieced Indigo Plaid Cotton Fabric


An absolutely STUNNING panel of patched and pieced antique fabric! Beautifully faded indigo plaids, perfect for timeworn interiors!

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An amazing find, a very unique piece! All of the patches of fabric in this pieced and patched panel date from the 1700’s, the ground fabric dates to around the 1850’s. This textile was likely once a part of a mattress cover, and despite appearances, it has not been altered in modern times. Nearly all of the beautiful patching and stitching was done by hand! There are at least 7 different fabrics on this piece, mostly indigo plaids, with a small piece of toile and ticking fabric in the mix.  There are many hand stitched mends on this piece, you can tell this mattress cover was well used and cared for over the generations! This piece is all cotton and would be wonderful hanging for display or using for creative projects such as light upholstery, decorative pillows, etc. (TT29)

MEASUREMENTS : This lovely piece measures approximately 70 inches wide by 76 inches.

CONDITION: This fabric is in as found, not freshly laundered condition.  There are some small pale marks or stains on this piece that may or may not wash fully, including larger slightly discolored sections on one side. There are some small holes, and some of the holes from the patching are still fairly loose on the backside. The edges are uneven. There is beautiful fading on this piece. A timeworn treasure!