Small French Olive Green Dyed Linen Sheet or Throw Blanket

Small French Olive Green Dyed Linen Sheet or Throw Blanket


A beautiful antique French sheet that I have recently dyed a lovely olive green!

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This lovely small throw is French and dates from circa 1910. I've recently dyed this sheet a wonderful soft olive green tone. This lovely sheet has a plain weave and is hand woven with hand stitched center seam. It is made from a mix of linen and cotton. Wonderful HEAVY nubby, twill weave! So much texture in this textile, visual and otherwise! This sheet is ideal used for a throw, blanket, curtain, tablecloth, bed cover, upholstery fabric, pillow fabric, etc. This sheet would fit a twin or even perhaps a queen sized mattress however, please measure your bed so you will have an idea of how it will lie. Ideal for natural or rustic interiors! ( TT1 )

MEASUREMENTS : This wonderful textile measures approximately 87 inches wide by 72 inches long~ ~

CONDITION: ~This lovely sheet is freshly laundered and ready to use. The dye on this sheet took only slightly unevenly, so it has a slightly blotchy look and some large and small dark blotchy marks, especially in the center. I actually love the way this looks, however it's not right if you're looking for a perfectly uniform textile. Because this textile has been recently dyed, I always recommend washing it separately for the first few washes. It can be machine washed, over and over and over again! I like to add fabric softener to the final rinse. Beautiful tone!!! A very high quality, sturdy linen!