Hand Block Printed Persian Kalamkari Paisley Cloth Wall Hanging

Hand Block Printed Persian Kalamkari Paisley Cloth Wall Hanging


A beautiful light weight vintage wall hanging that was hand block printed! Wonderful for use of the fabric or for hanging as is.

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A charming vintage Persian Kalamkari, dating to the early 1900’s. This piece was hand block printed on a soft and airy, light weight cotton with a wonderful unique floral design. The ground is a just off-white tone and the pattern is in pale peachy-pink, blue, and charcoal tones. There is a beautiful hand stitched center seam, and some hand stitched mends here and there on this piece. You can tell this piece was well loved and cared for! There are some small holes on this piece but otherwise it is in wonderful condition! This is such a beautiful, detailed pattern! This textile is ideal for a hanging, tablecloth, bed cover, light upholstery, curtains, clothing, scarves, etc! (TT26)

MEASUREMENTS : This charming textile measures 83 inches by 102 inches.

CONDITION:  This textile is in as found, not laundered condition. This textile has probably never been washed! It can be washed on cold and hung to dry, however I've left it in as found, unwashed condition for collectors. There are some small pale marks that may not fully wash. There are at least three small holes in this piece. Generally beautiful condition! Unwashed condition reflected in the price.