Antique French framed red Toile fabric art hanging "Le Déserteur"

Antique French framed red Toile fabric art hanging "Le Déserteur"


A beautiful framed toile featuring a beautiful ship!

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This antique French fabric is titled "Le Déserteur" and was printed in Nantes, France in the year 1790. This fabulous toile created by Dubern was inspired by the popular 18th century French opera Le Déserteur, from which this design got its name.  Le Déserteur is an opéra comique by the French composer Pierre-Alexandre Monsigny.  First performed in 1769, this opera tells the tale of two lovers and their fumbling attempts to court and wed.  The beautiful fragment shown in this frame is but a small piece of a larger story.  The gorgeous tone of the print was created using an alumina mordant followed by a madder dye bath.  The quality in the printing of this antique fabric is absolutely stunning!  A truly rare, limited, original print in a gorgeous timeworn wooden frame!

This beautiful and completely original, authentic piece is ready to hang in celebration of the quality and history of antique textiles!  I've framed this wonderful antique French toile fabric in a timeworn antique frame to showcase the beauty and quality of this piece, but also to preserve these kinds of rare (and getting rarer) textiles for the future.  I've fallen head over heals for this new framing adventure.  In this new collection I've hunted high and low for JUST the right antique frame and combed through my collection of many thousands of rare textiles to find just the right pattern for each frame.  The fabric is mounted and the frame is backed in acid free paper. Modern hardware was added for easy hanging. Each has information about the framed fabric on the backing. These one of a kind creations are the perfect way to add French country charm to any interior. They also make the perfect gift for any textile lover. Sophisticated and 100% unique, an heirloom in the making. 

MEASUREMENTS : The outer measurements of the frame are 21 inches wide by 25 inches long, by 3.5 inches deep.

CONDITION : Fabric Beautifully hand quilted, in gorgeous condition 

Frame : This is a STUNNING antique,  wooden frame. Wonderful carved decorative detail! ~ 

As a whole this piece of wall art is sturdy and ready to hang!