3 Antique French Wool Silk Challis Curtains 1860's Museum Quality Textiles

3 Antique French Wool Silk Challis Curtains 1860's Museum Quality Textiles


A beautiful set of 3 wool challis curtain panels from the 1860’s! Unbelievable qualt

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Just about as rare and wonderful as they get!! ~ This stunning collection of 3 French wool and silk challis curtain panels date to circa 1860-70 and were originally part of a bed curtain set. Unbelievable condition and quality!!  The overall tone is close to an olive green tone ~ shimmery olive green! ~*~ Challis (also known as challie or chally) is a lightweight woven fabric, and this challis is a silk and wool blend, backed in a gorgeous, caramel  toned chintz natural cotton.  There are some hand-stitched mends on the backing.  I've very very rarely (if ever) seen this stunning printed fabric in such amazing condition! The ground tone is a lovely shimmering olive green and there are beautiful embroidered floral details in tones of green, red, gold, and pink. One of my favorite parts of these panels is the subtle foliage pattern behind the bolder embroidered floral embellishments which is a very similar tone to the ground, but which is matte, creating a beautiful, dynamic texture!  Two of these curtains have a wonderful ribbed and scalloped trim down one edge, and the curtain photographed in the center is a bit shorted with no fringe.  The two panels with the trim have a total of 5 gold toned braided and other, plainer, metal rings for hanging at the pleated top.  The center curtain has 7 small metal curtain rings at the top for hanging.  ~  A rare and wonderful find, ideal for any period home or textile collection. (TT10473)  

MEASUREMENTS: The panel photographed in the center measures 50 inches wide by 76 inches long and 35 inches wide where is is gathered a the top.  The two side panels each measure 50.5 inches wide by 79 inches long and 35.5 inches wide where it is gathered a the top

CONDITION: These textiles are in as found, unwashed condition with light storage dust and must. The backing on each has some small tears and holes, and some small marks.  ~ The front has a few small to tiny holes and light wear here and there.  ~ Generally this textile is in superb condition for it's age, fabric and use.  A stunning find! ~*~