PAIR Large Scale Floral Vintage Curtains Indienne Pink Ground 1950 French Drapes

PAIR Large Scale Floral Vintage Curtains Indienne Pink Ground 1950 French Drapes


A beautiful pair of floral indienne design curtains from the 1950’s! Wonderful to use as is, buy the matching panels for a set, or it could be deconstructed for use of this gorgeous fabric!

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 GORGEOUS large antique French curtain PAIR!  These curtains date to circa 1940-50's. The printed cotton front fabric has a light pink ground and the floral pattern is in tones of green, violets, neutrals, blues, reds and pinks.  ~ This design is an imitation of a late 19th century Indienne pattern, but everything has been scaled up in size!  Wonderful large exotic flowers and stylized poppies!  There is a thin lining, and a plain cotton backing.   There are wiry metal hooks for hanging at the top.  I have another larger pair of drapes with the same pattern listed elsewhere on my eBay store (please see my other curtains for more matching pieces)!  Ideal for any period interior or lovely too use for upholstery fabric!!!

Measurements : This wonderful textile measures about 103 inches long by 77 inches wide at the bottom and 48 inches wide at the top.  Simply increase the quantity to receive 2 matching panels of this size.

CONDITION : This curtain pair is in as found, not freshly laundered condition with storage dust. These textiles may have some small pale marks, and the hooks for hanging are a bit tarnished or rusty.  The backing has some larger water marks or stains.  There is some uneven fading on the front and back of these drapes from sun.  ~  I keep nearly all of my curtain sets in unwashed condition as many collectors require this. This fabric can be dry cleaned and unwashed condition is reflected in the price ~*~