Antique Tapestry Embroidered-Look Curtain French 1880 HEAVY

Antique Tapestry Embroidered-Look Curtain French 1880 HEAVY


A beautiful needlepoint/embroidered-look floral tapestry curtain pair from the 1880’s! Wonderful to use as is, buy the matching panels for a set, or it could be deconstructed for use of this gorgeous fabric!

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These 2 curtains are antique, French HEAVY curtains panel dating c 1880. These curtains are part of a larger set ( please see my other curtains for the matching textiles! ~) are  very heavy weight  and feels to me like a cotton and raw silk mix, nubby weave and uses an WONDERFUL and rare embroidered / tapestry look printed pattern. The ground tone is a dark, warm tobacco tone and the floral design is a lovely mix of muted tones of blues, reds , browns, khakis and blueish greens . These curtains are wonderfully long , and are backed in a crinkly , glazed cotton. This cotton I would have dated c 1850 or a bit earlier and there is a second layer of backing in brown. There is a heavy interlining and wonderful, heavy rings at the top for hanging . The backing has come away from the textile due to sun damage but I have left in place rather than removing as it's really so interesting! ~*~ It can be removed ~*~ ~ . There are fabulous, early rings for hanging , original to the curtains, at the top! ~  The fabric would be wonderful too used for upholstery projects! ( please see condition details below)   ~*~  ~*~( TT 3500) 

MEASUREMENTS : These lovely curtains measure : 121 inches long by 50 inches wide at the bottom, the top is 47 inches wide ~ VERY LARGE , a tremendous amount of fabric! ~*~ 

Condition ~ : This gorgeous fabric is in as found, not freshly laundered condition with storage dust. These curtains are in as found condition, and appears to have never been cleaned. I like to leave these textiles in this condition as some collectors require this condition, however this curtain has a musty smell  of dusty silk, so can be dry cleaned if one is sensitive to this  ( uncleaned condition reflected in the price) There is sun damage on these curtains, in particular on the center edges. ( please see photographs)  There is fading and damage ( please see photographs) with wear and holes and fragmenting in these areas. This is taken into consideration in the price, but may not be right for everyone. These textiles should not be water washed as I think it would deteriorate the damaged areas further~*~ This textile is 140 years old  and so has some light signs of time and use often inherent in these wonderful textiles !  ~ Please use the zoom feature