Antique Tapestry Embroidered-Look Curtain French 1880 HEAVY

Antique Tapestry Embroidered-Look Curtain French 1880 HEAVY


A beautiful needlepoint/embroidered-look floral tapestry curtain from the 1880’s! Wonderful to use as is, buy the matching panels for a set, or it could be deconstructed for use of this gorgeous fabric!

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This curtain is an antique, French HEAVY curtain panel dating c 1880. I believe this curtain was hung over a ciel de lit ? This textile is part of a larger set ( please see my other curtains for the matching textiles! ~) This curtain is a very heavy weight  and feels to me like a cotton and raw silk mix, nubby weave and uses an WONDERFUL and rare embroidered / tapestry look printed pattern. This is a pieced textile ~The ground tone is a dark, warm tobacco tone and the floral design is a lovely mix of muted tones of blues, reds , browns, khakis and blueish greens . This curtain is wonderfully long , and is backed in a natural cotton. There is a tape with small hooks at the bottom.  The fabric would be wonderful too used for upholstery projects! ( please see condition details below)   ~*~  ~*~( TT 1257) 

MEASUREMENTS : This lovely textile measures : 82.5 inches by 42 inches 

Condition ~ : This gorgeous fabric is in as found, not freshly laundered condition with storage dust. This curtain is in as found condition, and appears to have never been cleaned. I like to leave these textiles in this condition as some collectors require this condition, however this curtain has a musty smell  of dusty silk, so can be dry cleaned if one is sensitive to this  ( uncleaned condition reflected in the price) The fabric is wonderfully sturdy ~ a beautiful textile indeed! ~*~ This textile is 140 years old  and so has some light signs of time and use often inherent in these wonderful textiles !  ~