Vintage French Beautifully Made Pair CURTAINS Chintzed Cotton Indienne 1930-40

Vintage French Beautifully Made Pair CURTAINS Chintzed Cotton Indienne 1930-40


A stunning pair of curtains from the 1930-40’s with a frilly fringe! Gorgeous chintz cotton, beautifully printed floral textile to use as is or they could be deconstructed for use of this gorgeous fabric in other projects

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Beautiful, vintage French pair of curtains dating from the 1930-40's. BEAUTIFUL stunning Indienne large scale design with sinuous arborescent details!  This gorgeous fabric is a chintz cotton, medium weight, but these curtains are heavy since they are also backed and lined!  Beautiful construction!  There are wiry metal hooks on the top back for hanging on each panel.  The ground tone is a rather neutral tan, off-white tone!  The printed floral pattern is in gorgeous tones of greens, madder brown and blues.  The beautiful fringe incorporates these same tones!  This textile pair would be ideal hung as is or the fabric would be lovely too used for many projects such as pillows, light upholstery, lampshades etc! ( TT14654 ) 

MEASUREMENTS: Each of these lovely pieces measure approx 66 inches wide at the bottom by 96 inches long. At the top, where it is pleated for hanging it measures 34 inches wide. ]Should you wish to purchase multiple pairs measuring this, simply change the quantity button.

CONDITION : This fabric is in as found, not freshly laundered condition. These panels are in beautiful condition!  I recommend dry cleaning before use, since they have some storage must.  There may be some small pale marks and age marks, fading or age discoloration on these pieces, especially on the backing.  The backings are discolored and have some large water marks.  Lovely condition for their age!