Antique French Pieced Blue Plaid Child's Linen Mattress Cover

Antique French Pieced Blue Plaid Child's Linen Mattress Cover


An absolutely STUNNING pieced antique textile! Charming and timeworn, a rare find made from beautiful blue plaid linen.

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An amazing, unique piece dating from the mid to late 18th century! This little textile was likely once a mattress cover for an infant or small child. It is so rare to find antique children’s textiles! This beautiful loosely woven linen piece is made from at least 6 different plaid patterned fabrics mainly in aged blue and white tones.  The backside has a beautiful fabric that is in tones of aged tan caramel and white. This would have once been stuffed with straw or feathers, which have been removed through a large torn opening in one side corner edge of this little piece. This textile would be wonderful patched and used as a stunning dog bed or it could be deconstructed for use of the fabric in many creative timeworn projects such as light upholstery, decorative pillows, etc. (TT41)

MEASUREMENTS : This lovely piece measures approximately 27.5 inches wide by 51.5 inches.

CONDITION: This fabric is in as found, not freshly laundered condition.  There are some small and large pale marks or stains on this piece that may or may not wash fully, including larger slightly discolored sections on one side and some small rust stains. There is a small hole in the front body, and some larger holes on the back body, and a large section torn away from the side edge where about 22 by 5 inches of the edge fabric is torn away. A timeworn treasure, not in perfect condition, but perfectly wonderful!