Large Antique Curtain Blue floral 1860 French Printed Part of Drapes Set

Large Antique Curtain Blue floral 1860 French Printed Part of Drapes Set


A stunning LARGE curtain from the 1860’s that is part of a larger set I also have available. Beautiful aged pattern!

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This amazing textile is an antique French curtain panel, dating to circa 1860. This wonderful curtain comes from a larger set (please see my other textiles for the matching panels). The fabric is a medium to heavy weight cotton with a small amount of linen in the weave. The pale, faded taupe ground of the fabric was roller printed as was some of the fabulous Prussian blue design. Some appears to have been hand block printed on top of the original design. These panels are hand stitched together at the seams and there are some later alterations to the length with machine stitching. The little rosettes at the pleated top are STUNNING , all hand worked. There are little hooks at the top which would have been used for hanging to a tape, they can be replaced with curtain tape or rings for easy hanging! A marvelous find, once in a lifetime set! ~*~ 

MEASUREMENTS: These wonderful curtain measures 101 inches long by 78 inches wide at the bottom. The top measures 47 inches wide.

CONDITION: This textile is in as found, not freshly laundered condition. GORGEOUS condition,  with some small holes dotted around (very small, less than pea), some tiny rust marks, some pale marks there are some rust stains in a few places. The trim on the edges in damaged in some places. This textile is in wonderful condition for it's age however not without signs of time and use often inherent in these wonderful antiques. (TT 15471)