Set of 5 Large Antique European Natural Linen Towels CC initials Monogram

Set of 5 Large Antique European Natural Linen Towels CC initials Monogram


A lovely set of 5 antique linen towels from the 1700’s! Wonderful to use as decor or for large hand or dishtowels, these beauties are made from gorgeous heavy, linen with a little tab for hanging from a hook or peg!

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This is a set of 5 beautiful, antique & rustic towels. Each of these towels is very similar to each other, but they will vary slightly in size, condition etc. Each of these wonderful antique towels is made from sturdy hemp linen and dates to the late 1700's. These were likely originally used as body towels, due to their relatively large size. There is a little red “CC” monogram in one corner of each of these towels, so these could be the towels for the "CC" in your life! They are in good condition with only light signs of time and use, including some stains. The linen fabric is heavy, with a pliable, floppy and smooth and soft feel. The tone is a cool natural, mottled off-white tone. Each edge is machine stitched with a hem or is otherwise woven selvage. There is a small loop tab for hanging on the center top and bottom edge of each towel. Great for an authentic rustic farmhouse look! These towels have many more years of use left in them but the fabric of these pieces could also be lovely for small cutting projects, these textiles make stunning pillows, upholstery fabric, etc. (TT55)

MEASUREMENTS : These towels each measure approximately 25 x 39, 24 x 41.5, and three of them measure 24 x 42 inches.

CONDITION : These towels are freshly laundered. Each towel has some small pale marks, age marks or a small rust stains that did not wash fully, and some light wear. There are many speckled pale marks on at least one of these towels. One towel has a tiny hole. Generally sturdy, aged condition!!