Antique French Pure Linen Sheet Dyed Dark Gray Blue

Antique French Pure Linen Sheet Dyed Dark Gray Blue


A beautiful antique French sheet that I have recently dyed a lovely, dark blue/green tone! Beautiful, high quality linen from circa 1890. The texture of the pure linen is absolutely fabulous!

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A gorgeous antique French linen sheet dating to circa 1890. I've recently dyed this sheet a wonderful dark blue gray tone that also has a slightly green hue! It's gorgeous! This sheet is a hand woven pure linen with a heavy weight, floppy, crinkly, smooth and soft feel! A really wonderful texture! There is a hand stitched seam down the middle, just off from center. There is a gorgeous hand stitched MA or VW monogram in red near the center, close to one short end. This sheet took the dye slightly unevenly in places, so there are variations in tone from the dye here and there.  I love this mottled look, however this sheet would not be right for someone looking for a very consistent solid toned dyed sheet. Very heavy weight, durable and beautiful. Wonderful used as is for a bed cover, throw or curtain, but the fabric is also ideal for curtains, upholstery, pillows, duvet covers, etc! ( TT10 ) 

Measurements:  This lovely textile measures about 80 inches by 110 inches.

CONDITION : This textile is freshly laundered and ready to use. Please expect an unevenly dyed surface.  Please note that because this sheet was recently dyed, it should be washed on it's own for the first few washes. It can be machine washed and tumbled dry, over and over and over and the texture just gets even softer! I like to add fabric softener to the final rinse. A gorgeous textile!