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At the Textile Trunk we pride ourselves on maintaining a wide selection of antique and vintage European fabrics, and on our absolute focus on customer service.

Due to the ever changing nature of our stock, we find it convenient to use eBay as our main online catalogue and outlet and this also provides a familiar interface for the majority of our clients. The listings on eBay are under the unlikely name of loodylady and are all fixed price, no auctions are involved.

Descriptions of our main product categories and links to those listings are to be found below. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please enquire as we have a vast quantity of fabric in stock and wherever possible we will list items on request.

As, by its nature, antique and vintage linen comes in a wide range of sizes, weaves and tones, we also offer a matching service. So, if you need many meters in, say, a particular tone or texture, we can search our stock to try to provide the quantity of linen you require in matching or complementary styles.

Finally, our history on eBay allows you to see what our existing clients think of our service and textiles. We invite you to view our eBay feedback profile and then allow us to provide you with the same high level of service others have come to depend on.


Shop Antique and Vintage Hemp and Flax Linen

Antique and Vintage Linen YardageOur linen collection is huge. In the form of hand-woven hemp rolls, individual cloths (e.g. mangle cloths) or grain sacks, these antique and vintage treasures are available in a tremendous range of textures, tones and weights. Most would have been patiently woven by hand, lending each piece an individuality missing from modern mass-produced fabrics.

The linens date from between 60 to 150 years old and many would have been stored carefully, for instance in a dowry chest, given the massive investment of time represented by each item.

The shades vary from earthen grey and deep flaxy tones to bright almost white sun bleached linen. Some are plain, while others feature stripes or banding in a range of colours. The fibre content is usually flax, hemp or a combination of the two. Weaves range from a lovely open, loose weave to finely woven, tight and evenly spaced. Textures range from soft to rough.

The linens are durable and most are machine washable, making them ideal for upholstery, cushions, tablecloths, table runners, curtains, bedcovers, bath mats, stair runners and the many other creative uses that our customers tell us of every day.

Shop Antique and Vintage Grain Sacks

Vintage Linen Grain SacksWe always have plenty of vintage and antique grain sacks of many different types. These would have been used throughout Europe to transport and store grain, flour and other agricultural products.

Our linen and hemp grain sacks were made by hand using high quality homespun fabric, which itself was hand woven from crops grown on those same family farms. These were intended to be working sacks, so they were built to withstand decades of heavy use. The stripes on the sacks were used to identify the farmer so that when the grain came back from the mill, it could be returned to its rightful owner.French Vintage Grain Sack

These sacks are available in many different weights, tones, stripe colors and textures. They are hand stitched closed at the sides, so can be opened up to become a piece of fabric twice the size. They are machine washable and extremely durable, making them perfect for upholstery projects, pillows, cushions, bath mats, towelling, curtains and many other wonderful sewing projects.

We also have woven hessian French printed sacks. These antique and vintage items bear the stamps of family farms, local and regional mills and cooperatives; and tend to be coarser than the linen sacks. They are perfect for adding a decorative touch to the house. Possibilities include: framing, light upholstery, decorative pillows etc. They are wonderful pieces of European agricultural history.

Shop Antique and Vintage French Fabric

French Antique FabricWe carry a wide range of vintage and antique French fabrics, with pieces from the 18th to the 20th centuries. Styles and periods include: Toile de Jouy, exotic arborescent and Indienne prints, soft and elegant Art Nouveau period prints, Art Deco, intriguing conversational prints, lovely faded floral textiles, rustic French ticking and a large variety of timeless floral patterns.

The fibre content is all natural and includes cottons, linens and wool fibres. Printing techniques vary with each textile and can include, wood block printing, screen printing, copper roller printing and copper plate amongst many others. The dyestuffs and techniques employed vary greatly and whenever we can, we endeavour to add as much information as possible to the individual textile.

The textiles vary in weight, with some suitable for upholstery, light upholstery, quilting, patchworking, cushions as well as many other exciting sewing projects. We also often have wonderful 19th and 20th century French quilts.

These textiles are a great way, not only to decorate your home today, but to create a beautiful heirloom piece for future generations to enjoy.


Shop Miscellaneous Related Items

Belgian Vintage TrimThis category describes the many other interesting and unusual items we come across from time to time.

Included here may be beautiful silk trims, embroidered ribbon, antique and vintage pattern books and periodicals, vintage French wallpaper, antique needlework items, who knows what.

Check back frequently as often these are one of a kind items which we may not find again.   


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